Thursday 1 February 2018

Valentine Gift Box with Acetate Window

Good evening dear friends,

today, i decided to make a Valentine Gift Box, sticking to the  traditional pink & purple colour scheme!
Nothing would have been more suitable for what i had in mind but the painted with love designer paper series...

Before any other fellow demonstrators come up again with that the box has been originally designed by them and they want to be credited for it, let me say that no, you were not my inspiration.
I did not use any die cut sets to make this box, nor did i score it the traditional way and should we accidentally have been using the same DSP, well, that does happen when you are a SU demo and buy your paper from the same supplier. The similarity in the end result does not mean that this project has been copied from somebody else.
Anyway, none of us really can claim to be the inventor of square boxes with acetate windows, just walk the aisles in Tesco and see who else packages their sweets and goods in square boxes with acetate windows... none of us holds the copyrights on any of these, do we?

So yes, i am aware that there are loads of other demos out there who might have used the same DSP, card stock and who might have made a similar box before me, however, this make is completely my own design and i am aware that it is not a totally unique or brand new design.

The flowers i am using in this product were made from oil free Baby wipes that i inked up with some of my ink pads beforehand and i learnt how to make these from Maremi on Youtube.

I love the size of this box because it is 4" x 4" x 3 1/2" and allows to put in a bigger gift or loads of treats due to the size.
The tag on top of the box is the cut out piece for the window and is perfect to be a tag i believe.

If you would like to find out how i made this box, drop me a comment and i will happily be making a video tutorial for it.

Thanks for dropping by tonight and have a good time

JoJo xx
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