Wednesday 7 June 2017

The Supercube´s Sister!

Good afternoon folks,

i am happy to present you my newest make, the supercube´s sister!
It has got a lot of metal embellishments and i love how this box has come out!

I am currently uploading a short teaser video on Youtube so you can see it in all its beauty!

There will be the tutorial available in my Etsy shop as well later today, so you can purchase it soon.

Here you can now purchase the tutorial:
The Supercube´s Sister Tutorial

The cube measures 3 1/4" squared and is quite sturdy. as the card stock is double layered.
I love the drawers that allow this box to be perfect for jewelry, sweets, pralines or anything else you want to gift in it or store in it.
The possibilities are sheer endless and it can be made form 4 pieces of card stock and just 1 sheet of DSP 12" x 12"!

I am planning to offer packages in my Etsy store to make the complete project with but currently am still waiting for more of the metal embellishments to arrive before i can put that online!
That´s super exciting because i will be offering the package for this box in 5 different colours , with all the embellishments and the detailed tutorial in a pdf file so making this box will be easy peasy even for beginners!
Cannot wait to go ahead with it and i hope you will love it, too!
Thanks for dropping by and see you soon

JoJo xx