Monday 6 March 2017

Easter egg gift box with a pinch!

Hello and good morning  my dear friends...

i just crafted this cute box because the bag of my chocolate Easter eggs broke and they went all over the floor.. So i quickly designed this packaging for them, making it a hybrid between a square box and a gift bag!
If you have a close look, you will see that the bottom of the box is squared, but the top folds in like a gift bag and allows for this beautiful triangle shape.
I admit, the notching and scoring for this is a bit too complicated to explain just with words, so i will be doing a video tutorial on this box shape this afternoon and post it later on.
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It´s worth dropping by there anyway as there are already a dozen of video tutorials out there for you!

So just to let you know, the finished box measures 2 1/2" in width, 6" in height and 1 3/4" in depth and thus is a good size for a about 300 grams of chocolate eggs! I only ate 5 eggs the rest of my broken bag´s content went into this sturdy gift box!

I die cut a window that i covered up with a piece of acetate and used the cut out piece as a tag, avoiding to waste  it here.

A bit of random overall stamping and a sweet sentiment on my tag and my box was finished with a pretty bow.

You can watch the video tutorial for this project here:

I need to get to the Post Office now to send off customer orders and on top, my next stampin up! delivery is due today, so i hope to get back to working on my tutorial shortly, bear with me!

I wish you all a happy Monday and a fabulous week

JoJo xx

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