Sunday 5 March 2017

My stampin up! keepsake album

Hello and good evening everybody,

tonight i want to tell you a little bit about myself and what my plans are with stampin up!.
Last year, i signed up to be a demonstrator but had to stop shortly after i signed up due to private circumstances.
Still, i created this little booklet because i had plans to document my stampin up! career as i would advance through the different levels.
It was meant to help me with my goal setting and motivation should i fall of the waggon.
However, i fell off the waggon only 1 1/2 month after i signed up, and my booklet was stored away as a keepsake for the future.

I created this little booklet with so much passion and love in my heart for what i was doing, so it kind of hurt when  i found it today and opened it again after almost one year of being tucked away.

 So when you open it, this is what you see... it has a waterfall to the left side, these spaces are reserved for my team members, if i should ever happen to be able to recruit any.. i mean, i am pretty sure that  i will, because i really believe in my work and creating paper projects and cards on a daily base is what i love to do.. and  i know, sooner or later like-minded people will join me!

If you want to know more about becoming a stampin up! demonstrator, you can read more here.
The key on the right side is the key to my own, personal success story, if you want to put it like that.. Remember, i created this booklet just for myself, as a goal setting aid and motivational keepsake.
I added jewels and embellishments, feathers and flowers to make it colourful and  diverse, as i hope one day my own team of crafters will be.

This is the booklet when it´s fully opened, and it has a waterfall design to the right as well, and i planned to put my stages of success and my corresponding stampin up! statuses on there..
When you start as a demonstrator, your entry level is Bronze, and the next level will be Bronze Elite, and i am planning to reach this goal within the first 6 month of my new start.
My booklet still holds the picture i put in when i started off in April last year, and i will add a new one tomorrow, showing my new sign -up date and my entry level but i will not get rid of the first one because i still feel it is part of my stampin up! journey.
The middle section has got space for my goal setting, and my last year´s goals are still on there,too.

 The last section of my keepsake album is this one.. it has a hidden pouch for two large tags, to be filled with memories.. the space is reserved for my first center stage event and i am planning to keep my memories about that day here.

Going through my album has given me even more motivation to make my dreams and plans come true this time, and i won´t allow history to repeat itself and this time, i chose my up line and my team mates more wisely so i will not fall for the same mistakes again!

I am sharing my story here with you because i want to motivate you as well to never give up on your dreams, hang on to them, try again until you succeed.. i had a pretty bad start last year but i have not given up on my plans to become a stampin up! demonstrator and now am back, stronger than before, wiser than before and i am so looking forward to share my art with all of you lovely people out there!

If live gives you lemons, make juice from it.
If life puts stones in your way, use those stones to build your path.

I hope you like my album as much as i do and thanks for reading all this!
See you all tomorrow 

JoJo xx