Monday 20 March 2017

Diamond shaped - Easter egg holding - table decoration!

Good morning my fellow crafters,

I hope you are all well and ready for my next creation?
As we all know, Easter is coming up shortly, and we all are thinking of how to make our tables look more festive, or how to wrap up a little treat  and so i invented this desing today.

My diamond shaped box has a template that can be done without the gift bag punch board, so for those of you who haven´t got the board - just like me - my video tutorial on this template is just about right. The tutorial is currently uploading and will be on by early afternoon, so you can get crafting this afternoon straight away!

I not only created the template for this box, i also had the idea to use the large succulent garden flower dies as an egg holder on top of the box!

I think it has turned out really cute and will make a great decoration!
The tutorial not only explains in detail how to score  the box template but also shows you how to curl the flower shapes up to become the egg holder.

Watch the free tutorial here:

So i hope you love my little invention here as much as i do and have fun with it! 
You can of course change the colours and the designer papers accordingly to your own colour scheme, just browse the large range of really beautiful designer papers in my shop!

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day


Card stock measures 8 1/2" x 4"
Short side score at 1/2" and 2"
long side score (opposite the 1/2" score line of the short side) on 2". 4", 6" down to the first horizontal score line you will meet, and at 8" score all the way down.

Flip card stock over , long side up with the 1/2" line up, tpp. and score on the 1",3", %" and 7" mark down to the score line you meet first, this being the 1/2" score line from the short side.

Now use your ruler and stylus to score the triangles as shown in the tutorial.

The products used for this project are as follows:

Product List