Saturday 21 May 2016

Never Ending Card

Good afternoon  friends & followers,

the internet is full of fabulous card templates and a never ending source of inspiration, just as much never ending as this card template is.

I came across it when  i googled card templates, and decided to give it a go because it is surprisingly easy and only requiere 4 pieces of card stock of the same size and a few score lines and a bit of adhesive.

Anyway, i decided to make one and this is what i made!
I just love how every single page that opens has a completely different look from the previous one, and its therefore great to even tell a little story with pictures one could add.. e.g. the story of your love , how it began etc etc.

Or maybe how a child grows up from baby to a grown person .. told  in the never ending card that keeps folding and folding and folding!

I just love this template and think i will do a couple more of them, what about you?

Let me know what you think and here is a little video for you all to see how it folds.

Thanks for watching and dropping by!
Have a nice weekend and until soon

JoJo xx