Sunday 27 January 2019

beautiful thank you card with a feather

A very warm hello and welcome back to my craft blog!

I have been absent for quite a few months because i really lost my mojo over certain people in the industry, and it took me this time to digest and recover from the experience i made.

However, it has resulted in something new for me and all of you because i have decided to quit the narrowness of being committed to only just one brand - i find that there are quite a lot of really amazing companies out there offering high quality products and my bandwidth of crafts i pursue makes it essential for me to have the liberty to choose what i need from where ever i can get it for the best price.
We all know that there is hardly any brand that covers it all really, does it?

So i have given up on being an exclusive SU demo only and have opened up to other brands that inspire me to create more fascinating things than ever before, just like the wonderful papers of Graphic 45 or all the lovely Crafters Companion products.

I do not only create paper crafts and cards, i do love making mini quilts and other sewing items too.
I also came across Powertex which is a totally different product from all i have used ever before, so it will be a much more mixed blog you will find in future here , with makes from the world of paper crafts, steampunk, sewing, Powertex!

It bores me to make a new card day in day out or another album over and over again and i want to live my creativity so i decided to go broadband which reflects my personality so much more than being bound to just one brand that limits me in several ways.

I do not say being a rep for any company is a bad thing, i still am myself, and i truly believe mlm is a great thing but at this stage of my development its just not the right thing for me and besides i can really do without the bitching in this industry.

Some people seem to just live for fb likes and virtual fame rather than working on their artistic expression and skill, and again, this is not who i am.

I define myself through my art , which includes makes form various corners of the spectrum, and that has ripened and led to the revamping of this blog.

I will carry on with free video tutorials but i will also develop tutorials that will be only available in my Etsy store to help me carry on with my art and craft.
At the end of the day paper, dies and stamps don`t come cheap and i wont to be able to keep things balanced.

The card i am presenting here today was made from stash i received in this month`s craft box from Sara Davies Crafters Companion, to which i have subscribed a few month ago and i believe this was my 6th box!

The feather was stamped on vellum, and heat embossed in copper, after that i coloured it in from the backside with metallic markers that also came with the box!
I love the effect and this technique surely is one to admire as the metallic effect just puts the whole card into another dimension!

The aperture card as well as the acetate was part of my box contents and i used the water based metallic markers to sprinkle some of the metallic ink on my card front .

The magic about these markers is they are water based and therefore allow to be diluted with water to even be able to create some watercolour effects with them.

Used undiluted and pure, they cover very well and leave a fascinating metallic shine that will give any creation a boost!

I hope you like this card and if you are interested, go to 

and look at the monthly craft box subscription!

Thanks for dropping by and hope you like my card here!

Bye for now

JoJo xx