Thursday 6 June 2019

and even more water colouring!

Hi peeps,

here is another one i made using the Spectrum Noir Aqua markers!
Seriously impressed with the vibrancy of these colours, and how well they blend.

The dragon is a pink ink stamp and i stamped it on the Crafter`s Companion water colour card  for best results.

I love my markers and will probably colour this stamp in with the colour blend pencils, too, just for the fun of it!
I believe colouring in is very therapeutic and its very relaxing, too..
When i get stressed, i disappear into my craft room and a few hours later its a total mess but i made something nice and that`s what it`s all about, isn`t it?

You can have a look at the Spectrum Noir markers and pencil range at the Crafter`s companion website, and i guarantee you will want to buy some, too!

I often do live tutorials in my Fb group, feel free to join and watch me colouring in, showing colouring techniques is use across the product range, or watch me creating paper craft projects with the amazing product range Crafter`s Companion has got!

There is hardly anything i dislike from their range, honestly!

So thanks for coming back today !Have a nice evening 

JoJo xx

A little bit of water colouring here

Hi everybody,

i just wanted to quickly show you this piece of art i created using the Spectrum Noir aqua markers!

I love the tortoise stamp from pink ink and it was so much fun colouring it in!

The Aqua Markers are so versatile and i use them a lot especially when i have huge stamps like this one to colour in.

I might  give it a go again with the Colour blend pencil range, just to see the difference.

I hope you like my work and i try do do at least one live tutorial a week in my Fb group.
The link to my group is in the right column of this blog, just scroll down to find it and you are more than welcome to join my group to see my tutorials!

Thanks for dropping by tonight and see you!

JoJo xx

layering stamps & dies sets launch on 8.6.19 at Create & Craft TV


Good evening all,

after a few weeks of silence i finally can reveal what i have been working on - these are my samples for the new product launch on Create & Craft TV on 8.6.19!
This stamp and die set is a layering stamp that allows to create beautiful multi-coloured wreaths as its layering! A matching die is included to allow easy die cutting of the stamped image!

There are six different stamp&die sets launching , and my second allocation from this series was the lovebirds, and here are my samples:

This set is so cute! you can change the colour scheme around so easily and always create a different and new look! this is something i really love about this product!
The last card is a rocking card and has a pendulum hidden inside to allow the birds to swing gently when the card is pushed down on on side.

There is a little video for the rocking birds card in my fb group as well as my fan page, and i will be doing a live tutorial in my fb group this weekend where i will show you in detail how i made this card!
Feel free to join my group, the link is in the right side column of this blog. just scroll down a bit to find it!

I am inviting you to watch the product launch on Create & Craft TV on the 8th of this month, and you will see all the different pictures, there is a super beautiful butterfly, a flamingo, a unicorn and a super cut teacups design in this collection, too!

There is so much to discover , trust me ,you don`t want to miss out on these! My personal favourite is the butterfly set, or is it the flamingo? The unicorn is also really magical... never mind, i guess i will buy the whole collection anyway once its become available!

Thanks for dropping by and i promise there is a lot more in the pipeline, waiting to be revealed!
Bye for now,

JoJo xx

Saturday 4 May 2019

Colorista gift box "Under the Sea"

Dear all,

today i created ths little treasure box/trinket box from the colorista sheet i coloured in yesterday.
The box is very sturdy and has a magnetic closure.
It`s sized 3 1/2" x 1 1/4" and is a lovely box to keep some of the sea shells one might have found on the beach during a holiday.. or any other precious stuff one wants to keep in a special box really!

Making the box was very easy, i just cut the chipboard pieces to size and glued them all down to the backside of my coloured sheet.
I then folded the overhang towards the inside of my box, gluing that down too. I covered the inside with a white piece of thick paper to give the box frame a perfect finish before creating the two side walls. 

Its very important to use really high quality glues and super strong red tape if you want to make sure your beautiful creation will stay together, so worth investing in the right glues and tapes as in the end, it will pay off.
Nothing more disappointing than coming back to your box and it has fallen apart!

If you want to see a live demo/tutorial for this precious trinket box, let me know. i will maybe do a facebook live for it in my group, so why don`t you come and join it here?

I hope you will have a fabulous bank holiday weekend and thanks for dropping by today

JoJo xx

Friday 3 May 2019

Colorista "under the sea" theme

Dear all,

today, i want to talk to you about the crafters companion colorista range.
The products consists of marker pens, pencils, metallic markers and a variety of colouring books.

I just love the colorista colouring books.. Today, I coloured in the seahorses from the maritime themed colorista book.
I used the alcohol markers, seen in the picture and the dark colorista pencil for shadowing plus I added gold metallic ink here and there.

The paper of the sheets in the colorista colouring books are of a very good quality and thick enough to create a box or card from it, too!

I often colour a sheet in and then make a fancy box from it. The seahorses are practically calling for a match with the just launched, brand new nautical range!

All spectrum noir pens blend easily and allow to create colour depth and interesting effects very easily.

Have you tried the new triblend markers yet?
Why not head over to crafters companion`s website and browse the range?

The pens and books come in very affordable packs and a huge variety of themes.
I also love the ones printed on black card.. the metallic markers are delivering a superb result on those, trust me!

if you are interested in a workshop where you can learn how to use alcohol markers and/or watercolour markers, please let me know by sending me an Email to

I`m always happy to help!
Thanks for visiting my blog today and have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

JoJo xx

Thursday 2 May 2019

Colouring practise with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers

Dear all,

today i want to show you a little colouring practise with the SN alcohol markers.

Crafters Companion has got a beautiful range of really big, floral stamps that are ideal to colour in with the Spectrum Noir markers!

The alcohol based markers allow easy and perfect colour blending, giving you smooth finishes time and time again.

Just recently there was a new set of markers launched by CC, they are called the triblend markers and each marker has three shades of the same tone in one pen so using these make even beginners a colouring pro!

It`s so much fun when your project looks really professional after colouring it in and i love all my markers , never regretted the investment really!

if you would like to learn/improve your colouring skills, join my fb group where i post video tutorials/live tutorials on a regular base to educate and help others !

The stamps i used come with matching dies so no need for fussy cutting or any other hassle, just stamp, colour in and die cut!

I hope you like my little practise here, probably they will end up on a card i will be making in the future.

Wishing you all a nice evening and thanks for dropping by

JoJo xx

Dear all,

it is with great pride that i can announce that not only have i been accepted to the Crafters Companion Design Team UK, but also for the Spectrum Noir Design Team TV!

I am over the moon and feel very honoured and very grateful to be given this opportunity.

My role in both teams will be to create content for social media, TV channels like Create & Craft TV, HSN, QVC and others and promote our product range as well as tutorials and lives!

You will find a wealth of Facebook lives, Video tutorials and of course loads of inspiration and new projects to try out on my social media and this blog.

I am very proud to be a brand ambassador for one of the biggest craft suppliers in the UK/world and will try my hardest to not fall short of expectations!

Please follow my Instagram, Youtube channel, my Facebook page and join my Facebook group for the best experience!

Thank you all so much for supporting me i never thought i would make it so quickly into 2 of  the biggest Design teams of a truly global company.

Lots of fun to come!

JoJo xxx