Tuesday 17 May 2016

Sparkly Gift Box for 2 Xl Tic Tac Dragee Dispensers

Good afternoon my friends,

i have been busy this morning figuring out the measurements for the template of my little gift box here.. it holds 2 of the XL Tic Tac dragee dispensers and i decided to give it a very blingy outside, so no- one would guess easily what it actually holds inside!

I just used a 12" x 12" piece of black card stock and did my scoring ( used 3 pieces of card stock up until i got it right haha ) then cutting and folding the score lines and tadaaa!
It´s a no glue box so it is just put together without any adhesive and i decorated it with golden  holographic mirror card stock to give it a very sparkly and extravagant look.

The belly band is just plain black card stock with a die cut flower and a leaf, of course still sticking to black and golden card stock.

I couldn´t resist and finished my box off with two cute little feathers that i added to my leaf and flower on top of the belly band.

Now i just love this cute little box and i know the person who will get it will never guess what´s inside!

Have a nice day  and thanks for dropping by

JoJo xx