Saturday 4 May 2019

Colorista gift box "Under the Sea"

Dear all,

today i created ths little treasure box/trinket box from the colorista sheet i coloured in yesterday.
The box is very sturdy and has a magnetic closure.
It`s sized 3 1/2" x 1 1/4" and is a lovely box to keep some of the sea shells one might have found on the beach during a holiday.. or any other precious stuff one wants to keep in a special box really!

Making the box was very easy, i just cut the chipboard pieces to size and glued them all down to the backside of my coloured sheet.
I then folded the overhang towards the inside of my box, gluing that down too. I covered the inside with a white piece of thick paper to give the box frame a perfect finish before creating the two side walls. 

Its very important to use really high quality glues and super strong red tape if you want to make sure your beautiful creation will stay together, so worth investing in the right glues and tapes as in the end, it will pay off.
Nothing more disappointing than coming back to your box and it has fallen apart!

If you want to see a live demo/tutorial for this precious trinket box, let me know. i will maybe do a facebook live for it in my group, so why don`t you come and join it here?

I hope you will have a fabulous bank holiday weekend and thanks for dropping by today

JoJo xx