Monday 9 April 2018

Romantic & Glamorous Cinderella Shoe

Hello everybody,

i am finally back from the Onstage local event in Telford, and i am still working on the video tutorials for the swaps i made, so bear with me.
My dear team member Catherine taught me how to make these shoes, and i am very proud to present my very first shoe made from my own template that i developed from the one Catherine brought along,
Catherine learnt how to make shoes from LillaPysselinger, a Swedish crafter who makes stunning room decorations,cards and gifts from paper.

I, however added a heel and a more raised shoe front to the template so this is really my own creation.
I love how it has come out and will be running workshops for these soon.
Just keep checking the

where my workshops will be promoted.

I hope you all have a good week and i will be back tomorrow with the free video tutorials for my swaps!
Thanks for dropping by today and bye for now

JoJo xx