Saturday 19 August 2017

The Slide´n Hide !

Good evening all,

this is my newest creation and i call it  the slide´n hide, because when you slide it open, it reveals 3 beautiful gift boxes that hide inside when its shut.

I was browsing the web for some new ideas and came across a website that does industrial soap packaging, and i actually took inspiration from their website, where i saw a picture of a split slider box. I thought the idea was great and so i created this project.
Here is the link to the website i took inspiration from:

Garten Eder Seifenverpackung

I of course did create my own design of it but the idea to create a split slider box as a gift packaging is from them. I am sure a certain Ann Melvin, who claims to have invented this packaging and has repeatedly accused me of " stealing " her ideas, has been already updated about the fact that she is not the inventor of this idea, yet is very big mouthed about it and keeps posting negatively about me, threatening with legal action.
My solicitor is already dealing with her.

The Slide´n Hide features die cut elements from the Eastern Beauty die set and embossed panels.
I think this sturdy and large gift box is great for votive candles, treats, jewelry, cosmetic items or anything else that fits in a 3" x 3" box.

I have uploaded  a short video of the Slide´n Hide and you can watch it here:

Let me know what you think of my creation and if you fancy a tutorial.
Happy crafting and thanks for dropping by today

JoJo xx

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