Saturday 15 July 2017

Today´s Card´n Cuppa Project at the Forge Studios, Allendale

Good afternoon dear friends,

as some of you might know, i have a shop pitch at the Allendale Forge Studios where i sell my cards and projects, the picture above shows my pitch.
So if you are local, you can always go there to have a look at my stuff and purchase whatever has caught your eye there!

I also hold Card´n Cuppa afternoons there every Saturday afternoon from 14:30 to 16:30, and you are welcome to join me there!

Please click this link to learn more !
Today´s project wasn´t a card for a change.. it was the first Christmas decoration of the year!
I still had some Christmas DSP  from last year´s range and sat down with some lovely ladies at the cafe of the Forge and we made those ornaments!
To make 2 of those, you need two 12" x 12" different pieces of DSP, score at 6" and fold in half.
now cut 12 strips  of 1"  width on the long side of your paper.

Next thing is to glue the strips together so you get 12 double layered strips from each sheet of DSP.
Now divide the strips in 2 piles of 12 strips each in alternating designs.
Punch a hole in each end of each strip using the 1/8" handheld circle punch.

Now cut a piece of twine or similar to roughly 12 " length, feed a pearl on it and secure pearl with a knot.
If you like to dangle a little angel from it, form a loop to hook the angel in, then feed the pearl over it and secure the loop with a knot. Now, feed all 12 pieces of DSP on the twine.

Lay the pile of DSP on your thread down in front of you with the pearl on the left side, the loose end of your twine must be underneath your pile. So basically it´s the pearl on top, then 12 layers of paper and underneath the pile your twine peeps out.
Now take your twine and the first strip of DSP and feed the twine through the top first strip of DSP from  underneath so it comes out at the upper side. Take the next piece of DSP, do not twist it , feed the twine through coming from underneath.
Repeat with all 12 strips. Now, carefully push your DSP on the twine downwards so it forms the bauble.
Secure the bauble with a second pearl,  tying your twine to a loop on top of your pearl.

That´s your bauble finished!

If you prefer to see a video on how to make these, let me know. I will happily make on for these pretty decorations.

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Thanks for dropping by and bye for now

JoJo xx