Sunday 16 July 2017

The UFO Bauble Decoration



Good afternoon dear friends,

today i am happy to present you my own version of this paper decoration which i call THE UFO Bauble!

It´s a very simple and quick make and ideal to use up DSP leftovers.
In the pictures above you can see the baubles indoors as well as floating in the wind outside on a tree and either way i think they look gorgeous!
I have also made one that has a slightly different, more oval or teardrop like shape, and you achieve this variation by simply not pushing the paper strips down as much as you do to achieve the flat style.

Another variation would be to crease each strip in the middle, at 3 " and then feed them on the string!

However you prefer it best, it´s just good fun to make and you can make a barbecue garden decoration from it as well as a Christmas tree decoration by simply changing the DSP and colour scheme and by adding different embellishments like a tassel or a bow to just give you an example.

Generally, i think this project is very inviting to get creative so i would love to see your makes in my Facebook group!

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Thanks for dropping by and happy crafting!

JoJo xx
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