Monday 31 July 2017

Quick wrap for gift cards from American Golf

Good evening dear friends,

i was just quickly creating these for 8 gift cards my husband needed for his gift cards he has purchased as prizes for the upcoming Golf Open in favour of our Pennines Wildlife Rescue Charity!

So all i did was create a sleeve, die cut an aperture to the front that allows to see the gift card in it and use the cut out piece as a tag tha tgot stamped with Congratulations all over. 
A bit of  twine tied into a bow holds the tag and a few of the wraps have a stamped and die cut flower to it, these are the prizes for the women.

It is not a big deal and  i just cut my card stock to 22 cm x 13 cm and scored the long side  at 10.5 cm, at 21 cm and at 1 cm on the short side.
I die cut the aperture and cut off the left side small rectangular section, leaving the other sections to be my flaps.
Just glued the flaps shut and stamped my tags and my wraps were finished!

I think they look quite nice and i just wanted to show them quickly, no big deal.
Have a nice evening and thanks for dropping by today!

JoJo xx