Saturday 3 June 2017

Giant Paper Flowers Garden Decoration

Good morning folks!
Today, i want to share with you this cute little project, my giant paper flowers  that work great as a garden decoration!
This is the perfect project to craft with kids, and a fast, easy , cheap yet very effective way to decorate you home and garden with throughout the year.
All you need is some newspapers, a few young branches with leafs on then, a pair of scissors, twine and a knife.
I have created a free video tutorial for this project, and you can find it on my Youtube channel as well as here:

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If you want to get the kids really busy, let them colour the newspaper pages in beforehand with their water colours from school, hang it up in the garden to dry and create even more colourful flowers!
Alternatively, the  flowers can be sprayed with any colour spray you might have to add to the look.

I hope you love this quick little make and enjoy your bbqs on a very sunny and warm weekend!
Thanks for dropping by and see you soon

JoJo xx