Sunday 7 May 2017

Unicorn Foamiran flowers i made today

Hi everybody

i just quickly wanted to show you the foamiran flowers i made today and used on my last project as well.
Foamiran is a very thin foam hat is pliable when warmed up and keeps the new shape. It´s available in many colours and can be inked with all kind of mediums.
I prefer oil pastels and used them on my flowers today.
The shape you can give to your flower is up to you, in my case i used the flower medallion punch and punched out 5 layers that i coloured with oil pastels before heating it up with my heat gun.
Once it was warm enough i folded and twisted it , then rolled it between my fingers until it becomes thin like paper.
I think foamiran is a great idea to use with our various flower punches and dies, and i have made other shapes like daisies, roses and pansies before, too.
After the petal has cooled don, i opened each petal individually and shaped the petal by gently pulling and rounding it to my desired shape. 
It´s really easy and iused a hot glue gun to layer the 5 pieces to one flower.
I will surely be making mre foamiran flowers for more cards, and  there is a recording of a live crafting session on how to make these flowers in my facebook group.
Feel free to join my group here to see it!

Thanks for reading all this and have a good night!

JoJo xx