Thursday 13 April 2017

Wedding favour delicate floral bag

Good evening all,

i created these today and was actually planning to make them for Easter, but when they were finished they looked so delicate and beautiful that i thought they would actually make better wedding favours rather than Easter nests, wouldn´t they?

The dies are so very detailed and cut the card stock perfectly so making these was a pleasure.

I used orange and green card stock measuring 8" x 4 1/8" and i scored it on the long side at 3 1/4" and 4 3/4"
For the sides i cut 2 pieces of card stock per box, measuring 1 3/8" x 2 3/4"
I scored the long sides at 3/8" and marked the middle of the short side.
Then i used a ruler and my stylus to create a triangle from the notch mark down to the corners of my 3/8" score line.
This creates the triangles that close the sides of my box/bag/nest.
I cut away excess card stock on the triangles , leaving a narrow flap that does not show through the die cut parts when closed.

I then glued my side flaps in and only glued one triangular side to the middle section, the other side i left open so the box/bag can still be opened.

To close my bag/box i used a piece of colour coordinated ribbon that i fed through the die cut floral design from the back to the front, securing it with a pretty button  that has a thin strip of jute ribbon fed through its holes to its backside so i could knot it up and hide the knots behind the button.

I stamped my flower from the flower shop stamp set and punched them out with the pansy punch, then knotted it to my button with the help of some more Jute ribbon.

The bag holds up to 3 Ferero Rocher pralines or similar treats and it looks so elegant and pretty!

I hope you like my little make here and thanks for dropping by.

JoJo xx

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