Saturday 29 April 2017

Triangular gift boxes featuring the carousel theme

Hi everybody,

today, i want to show you this cute selection of triangular shaped gift boxes. They are quite large and the unusual shape makes them look so different!
I used various colours of card stock , cutting it to 12" x 4" wide, scoring the long side in half.
On the short sides i notched the middles on both ends at 2" and scored the triangle down from 1/4" below the notch mark to the corners of the 6" score line on both ends.
This results in triangles on both sides to the middle line and all thats left to do is to fold and burnish the score lines.
I punched a hole with my handheld 1/8" punch at the top of the box for the ribbon closure.
I then cut a piece of DSP to 3 1/2" x 5", marked the middle on the shorter side and cut from the middle mark to the bottom corners, creating 3 triangles from that one piece.
The bigger triangle fits perfectly to the front of the box whilst the 2 side pieces fit perfectly to the sides of the box.
I stamped various sentiments and designs form various stamp sets on my DSP and distressed the edges with ink before gluing them on.
I fed a colour.coordinating piece of 1/8" ribbon through the punched hole at the top of the box and tied it to a bow, and that was my box done!
I took inspiration from a website in Switzerland, which had a picture of these boxes on their website, but no measurements or any instructions on how to make these.
I therefore figured out my very own measurements and should they happen to match anybody else´s measurements , this is purely coincidence.
This is the website i took my inspiration from:
So i hope you like today´s makes and wish you a happy bank holiday weekend!
Bye for now and thanks for dropping by
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