Wednesday 29 March 2017

Remake of my faceted box - improved loading


Good afternoon @ all,

today, i am coming back to you with a remake of my faceted box.I made one a few weeks ago and although it looked absolutely stunning, it was quite a pain to put something into it or take it back out.
You would always need to open up the ribbon that has been fed through 8 tiny holes at the top, causing a very quick tear & wear at the box and the delicate butterflies, not to mention how difficult it was to do the ribbon back up.

So i gave it a quick thought and came up with this solution:
I just made the box with a flap at the bottom so it can easily be filled or  emptied through there, avoiding to undo the delicate top every time.
You can see it in the pictures above. 
I hope you like the solution i have come up with, and if there is enough interest on how to make this box, drop me a comment and i will happily create the tutorial.

I just don´t want to waste time and efforts on projects that don´t get much interest, so that´s why i am asking for feedback. 

I wish you all a nice evening and hope you are ejoying my blog, bye for now