Sunday 5 March 2017

Pink meets Orange in a faceted gift box!

Happy Sunday my friends!

I started the day off with my own version of this faceted gift box, using clashing pink and orange to give this box the eye-stinging effect i just love and hope you find this box as outstanding as i do!

You probably have noticed that my crafting always has got a blingy and opulent pinch to it...
Anyway, i haven´t designed this shape, in fact i saw it on the internet with various other stampin up! demonstrators, and have to give credit to them for the shape. However, i have designed this box using my own measurements, and they are as follows:

Cardstock measures 11 1/2" x 6 1/4"

On the long side, score at
2 3/4", 5 1/"2; 8 1/4", 11"
notch at 1 3/8", 4 1/8", 6 7/8", 9 5/8"

On the short side, score at 1 3/4" 

Now use a metal ruler and your stylus to create triangles from the notches down towards the score line of the short side in each section.

Get rid of the short section on the 11" score line that is formed by the  1 3/4" score line , as its not needed to close the box.

Now burnish all your folds, folding the triangles in a way they create valley folds and go inwards.

Now stamp your design with Versamark  and add your heat embossing powder, set it with your heat tool. I used my embossing buddy before embossing to get rid of any fingerprints on my card stock to avoid stray bits of embossing powder, but its not compulsory. However, i find using the embossing buddy gives much crisper lines, too.

I then glued my box together, making sure i line up the bottom nice and squared.
To close the box, i used my handheld 1/8" hole punch and punched each side very close to the score line on the inside corners. When you push the box together, it forms a cross in the center, where all 4 sides meet in a double layer of card stock. That´s where the punch holes go.. feeding ribbon through those holes will allow to close the box very tightly.
Overall, you will have 8 punch holes, pairs of 2 of them very close to each other.

I then die cut my 4 butterflies from orange card stock and folded them in the middle to help with the fit.
Adding wet glue to half of the backs of the butterflies, i glued them on to my box, half way on the box. I did this on all 4 sides, then got back in with my hole punch and punched the holes again where they were covered by butterfly parts.

By now my box was almost finished, i just got myself some colour matching ribbon and fed it through the holes, gently pulling it together to close my box up. Tying it into a pretty bow , my box then was finished.

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Thanks for dropping by and have a great Sunday!
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JoJo xx

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