Friday 29 April 2016

Zentangle- inspired Cards

Hello folks,

i just thought i might share with you a project i have been running quite successfully over the past year..
My husband is a war veteran and many of his former army mates have passed away over the last year.. many of them died of cancer or mental health issues.
So he quite often asks me to make sympathy cards for the widows of his passed friends and so i came up with this idea..

I often draw little Zentangle Cards  because i love the different patterns and how everything comes together to a truly unique design..

So i started adding my Zentangle Images to sympathy cards, and above you can see some of the cards i have made last year and sent out.

Zentangles are traditionally made in black on white cardstock and i think they are perfect little drawings that are very suitable for this purpose.

What do you think of my idea? Let me know in the comments below!

Speak laters  Alligators!

JoJo xx