Saturday 30 April 2016

Garden In A Box!

Hello friends,

and then, there was this...

When i set off to craft this Saturday morning, i had no idea of what i would create..
I usually dig through my stash, come across papers and embellishments that i like for some reason and just grab it and see how it all would come together.

However, today was a little bit different. I was trying to figure out the template for a black box that would  fit on an A2 piece of cardstock, using the maximum size measurements possible.

Once the box was made, i looked outside and the sun had come out, melting the snow away.. so it was a lovely spring morning and the garden was buszzing with birds who were feeding from our bird feeders.. and then i had the idea to put a garden in a box.

If you feel depressed or sad for some reason, you can just go and get your secret garden  in a box, hide away in a special place and open it to have a look at all those flowers, butterflies , hearts and blingy stuff i added to my garden, and i am sure it will cheer you up at once!

So enjoy my little idea here and maybe you fancy doing  a garden in a box yourself?
Let me know what you think!
Until then take care

JoJo xx

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