Wednesday 11 April 2018

Quilling Paper Beads

Hi everybody,

as some of you may know, i received a totally stunning swap at the Onstage event in Telford last Saturday, and the swap was 2 paper beads.

This inspired me to give it a try today, and these are my 4 beads i made today.
It is kind of tricky to quill the paper 100% straight to achieve a well shaped bead, but i am getting there.
I am really grateful for the inspiration so thanks again ! ( unfortunately, i have already forgotten her name again but will look it up tomorrow when i am back in my studio where her swap is).

I used 3/8" wide paper strips and unset eyelets to make the beads... the paper strips need to be cut into a narrowing shape towards the end to achieve the belly of the bead.. it`s kind of difficult to describe i guess it`s easier to see how it`s done in a video.
It also depends on the thickness of the DSP one is using of how many 12" strips will be needed etc.. so there is no general rule of how much you need.. it`s kind of deciding as you quill along!

I love this cute little idea nd will probably make many more over time but currently i am really busy with workshops and customer orders so for today, it was only 4 beads.
Thanks for dropping by anyway and have a nice evening

JoJo xx