Friday 23 February 2018

Mini Quilt with freehand machine embroidery

Good evening dear friends,

i have been bedridden for a couple of days now with awful flu and i took the opportunity today to finish off my second mini quilt, which you can see here.

I got the fat quarters for this from The Range and Hobbycraft, and decided to mix blue tones for this one.
I have only just recently been attending workshops with a local textile artist who taught me some of the techniques used here, and i am getting the hang of it now... 
it`s good fun to make some of these as it allows freestyle and i am sure i will quite quickly develop my very own style!

I even got myself a brand new sewing machine that is for embroidery and has more than 200 stitches... and i am still getting used to it!

Tomorrow, i will attend the third of three workshops that were/are held at The Allendale Forge Studios with Kate Slaughter and i am looking forward to what i will learn tomorrow. You can expect more textile work from me at this point for sure!

I must admit that i have gotten a bit bored with making cards and boxes all the time only, and for me, being a SU demonstrator does not mean i want to create more or less the same things over and over again, plus, the big family of SU demos craft gorgeously but it all looks very much alike all the time.

I understand myself more as an artist than a sales person and although i am ranking at the Silver level which i achieved in less than a year with SU, to me it is more important to create art rather than produce look alike boxes and cards all the time.

I still love making cards and boxes, but i also like to  look outside the box and see what else is there... i love to combine different techniques in one project, and i also love mixed media and scrapbooking, steam punk and so on.

So i have decided to learn new techniques and develop my artistic skills in various directions... i just don`t see myself as a paper craft artist only.

So in future, my blog will get even more colourful and interesting  as i will be quilting, embroidering, paper crafting, sculpting, scrapbooking and loads more!

So thanks for reading all this tonight and i hope you like my quilt and thanks for dropping by!

JoJo xx