Monday 12 February 2018

Freehand embroidered floral scene

Hello dear friends

this is today`s last blog, i promise!

I attended a series of freehand embroidery workshops last week and this is the result.. it has got nothing to do with paper craft but i was really attracted by the designs and wanted to learn a new skill.
What you see here are freehand embroidered floral scenes, and practically my first ever made.

During the workshops i attended an idea came to my mind....
You might or might not know that my husband and i are running

in the Allen Valley around Hexham in Northumberland.
We rescue all wildlife , no matter what, if we get called out. We also work together with most vets in this area to deliver the aftercare when wildlife has been found and handed in.
This is a costly work and we are a registered charity, however we do not receive any governmental funding.
In order to help with the constant fund raising, i have decided to create these little floral scenes and offer to incorporate hair.fur/feathers/bristles of anyone`s beloved pet, to create a unique piece of keepsake and treasured memory
In return, i will ask a minimum donation of £25 for a 4" x 4"  scene for our Charity.
So in future, you will see many more of these little embroidered flowers on here as i do believe this is a fabulous idea to have a lasting memory and keepsake of  a beloved pet, be it still alive or passed away.
If you are interested in a bespoke piece of art like this for your pet, please send the fur/feathers/bristles together with a cheque ( payable to Pennines Wildlife Rescue ) of at least £ 25 value and your desired colour scheme ( red tones, blue tones ,green tones etc ) and the postal address to which you want the finished piece returned to

Pennines Wildlife Rescue
Ute Johnson
Blackcleugh Farm
NE47 8AE Carrshield 
United Kingdom

Please allow one week upon receipt of your mail to process and create the art piece.

I hope you like the idea and my art work here. If you want to order from outside the UK, please add £5 for the postage to your donation.
Thank you all for supporting me with this good cause and i am looking forward to create your bespoke floral scene!
Have a good evening and thanks for dropping by!

JoJo xx