Friday 13 October 2017

4" x 4" Card Set in a Sliding Box

Hello and welcome back  to my blog!
I was abroad in Morocco for a week and so my blog and facebook group were left to go quiet for a while, but now i am back and would love to show you my card sets i created for my Christmas stock!

The sets consist of  5  4" x 4" cards with matching envelopes, and they are kept in a sliding, flush fitting box featuring Christmas DSP and sentiments.

I will be doing the video tutorial for these tomorrow but i thought i might show you the pictures i took today already, so you know what´s coming up next.

The card sets are ideal to use up DSP and card stock scraps and make a great gift for the upcoming season.
These days, there are loads of card blanks in red and green available in most sizes so it´s even more convenient to buy one of the card blanks sets and decorate  them and create the matching box for it, but you can  of course make your own cards and envelopes as well.
It´s up to your personal preferences but i think the card blanks you can now buy for 5 pounds at Hobbycraft and the Range in the Uk are fab because you get 40 cards and envelopes for 5 quid.
That gives you 8 sets of cards at a very good budget price.
Of course this card set can be amended to any occasion/ season/ theme and is a fantastic little gift for anyone.
I hope ou are looking forward to tomorrow´s tutorial and thanks for dropping by tonight.

Bye for now

JoJo xx