Thursday 28 September 2017

The Cuppa Cube!

Good morning dear friends & followers,

today i quickly want to show you another version of my Cuppa Cubes, and this one features the vintage look and antique bronze metal embellishments.

The Cuppa Cube is the perfect gift for father´s day and of course Christmas, so if you are looking for a bespoke gift for a male person,this might be the one!

The inside has 4 elasticated bands that can hold anything from cookies, teabags and coffee sachets, plus, it conveniently accommodates a mug so you have it all handy and can carry your Cuppa Cube along with you where ever you go!

The Cuppa Cube is designed like an explosion box, meaning when the lid is taken off, it automatically opens up all 4 sides and reveals its content.

Enjoy a short video here:

This Cuppa Cube can now be purchased in my Etsy Store, please find it here:

If you fancy a different design, colours and contents, feel free to ask me to make your dream gift on order. Just send me a request through my Etsy store, and  in no time you will be able to get what you want!

 I hope you like my Cuppa Cubes as much as i do, and rest assured i never make 2  that are 100% identical, so your own Cuppa Cube will be a unique product, handmade by me.

Thanks for dropping by and your time today

JoJo xx