Friday 22 September 2017

Christmas in a Box!

Good afternoon dear friends,

as everybody is getting busy with Christmas Cards and gift wraps of all kinds, i prefer to create unique and unusual room decorations such as this one here , called " Christmas in a Box "

The idea was to create a box that has a unique look and can be placed anywhere to add a touch of the upcoming Christmas season.. it´s rather large with  10 1/2" squared and spacious enough to hold a nest, decorated with baubles and shiny stars as well as green sprigs and red bows.

The square in the center is off set on purpose to add interest to the look and reveals the inside of the box, where i placed a nest of baubles and other decorations.

When the box is shut, it surely is very intriguing and one would want to open the two doors just to see what´s inside.. making this decoration the center piece of any table or shelf that it´s placed on.

I used 4 black and gold plastic baubles to create the feet of my box, and this is a hint to the Christmas theme that is inside..
unusual from A - Z this box is one of a kind.

I, for example would love to use it as an advent wreath replacement in December.

Here´s a little video about it, too.

I hope you like my project as much a i do and understand that this is more a piece of art than a simple gift wrapping box, in fact, it is a gift in itself.

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Thanks for dropping by today and let me know what you think of my creation in the comments!
Bye for now

JoJo xx