Thursday 15 June 2017

Wedding keepsake box

Good morning my friends,

today,i want to show you another version of my supercube´s sister box, and this time it´s a wedding design because its all pink and has rich metal embellishments that underline the female approach.

The box is a cube that reveals two drawers when the lid is taken off and the box i opened.
The dimensions are 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" and the drawers allow to store quite a bit of stuff as they are
1 1/2" deep each.
I just love this box and the tutorial is available in my Etsy store here:

The Supercube´s Sister Tutorial

I am planning to offer packages in my Etsy store, too to make the complete project with but currently am still waiting for more of the metal embellishments to arrive before i can put that online!
That´s super exciting because i will be offering the package for this box in 5 different colours , with all the embellishments and the detailed tutorial in a pdf file so making this box will be easy peasy even for beginners!
Cannot wait to go ahead with it and i hope you will love it, too!
Thanks for dropping by and see you soon

JoJo xx