Thursday 12 May 2016

Gift Box with Easel

Hello again!
This is my latest work, a gift box with an easel on top.

The box measures 17 cm x 11 xm and is suitable for  slightly larger gifts such as chocolates or small books. 
I created the box and easel with green card stock, decorated the box and the drawer with  decorative paper and die- cut the panels for the easel in 3 different sizes, the biggest of it from mirri card stock.

Again, i just added decoartive paper to the smallest panel, then layered that with foam pads to the next bigger panel and so on.

To finish my box and easel off, i stamped and punched out 3 flower shapes from the decorative paper i had used to decorate the box and drawer and curled them on a foam pad, then arranged them with feathers to the easel and the box.

The catch for the easel was created by attaching a double laid strip of decorative paper with foam pads to the box, so the easel could hook under that.

That was a quick and easy project and i hope you like it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and until next time

JoJo xx