Monday 16 May 2016

Free Video Tutorial for the Beautiful 3 D Butterfly Card

Good morning my fellow crafters!

Due to the huge success of my 3 D butterfly card that i posted the other day on social media and here on my blog, i decided to do the tutorial for this card as there was a huge demand for it.

Now i am flattered by the fact that so many people love my work and i appreciate the hundreds of comments and likes on this particular card, thank you very much indeed!

I really enjoyed doing this tutorial as the outcome was the green version of the 3 D butterfly card as seen in the picture above, and these cards are just so pretty!

Please enjoy my newest tutorial and don´t forget to subscribe to my channel as i post new tutorials on a weekly base, sometimes even more often.

Now this is enough said, please enjoy my tutorial now and happy crafting!

JoJo xx