Thursday 28 April 2016

Watercolour Paper Flowers Tutorial

Hi everybody,

we all know that often, we just lack the flowers for our cards in coordinating colours and cannot buy any  that match our design.. 
so i got fed up with that and decided to make my own.
The advantage is, my card is truly genuinely handmade by me, and i can create any colour combination and shade i need.

It´s really not that difficult , so please let me know in the comments how you got on with your flowers!

This is what you will need:

Watercolour paper of 200 gsm 
Inks to spritz
Distress Inks
flower punch
set of dotting tools
rubber mat for the poky part
heat tool

Ooops,my bad.. i forgot to mention that you do the same with the remaining 4 wet petals before you flip them over... 
with the help of a bigger ball tool you press in the outer area of each petal , moving the ball tool to the center.. like that, the petals will curl up more. Now, you flip them over and carry on as seen below.

you will need approx. 5 minutes per flower.
Have fun and let me know how it worked for you!
Below you will find the link to my shop to get some of the equipment needed!