Thursday 18 April 2019

Griffin statue online masterclass can be booked now!

Hello dear friends and followers,

its been a while since you have heard from me because big things have been in the making.. and this griffin surely is one of the great new things i`m bringing to you!

The griffin is a very sophisticated project and it took me a while to create my own version of it to teach in my online masterclass, that i will show you  in may 2019 in a brand new and exclusive online workshop on Facebook.

If you are interested in booking the masterclass and learn how to make your own griffin, here are the essentials/prerequisites you will need to be able to attend:

1. You MUST have a Facebook profile and 

2. you MUST add me as a Fb friend in order to get access to your workshop

3. you will need to buy all your supplies needed for making a griffin from the list i will send you through once you have booked your place.
Most items needed are in every household present apart from fabric hardener and white, air drying clay. However, all items needed will be listed with links to various suppliers for you to choose from, where the items can be purchased in preparation for the workshop.

The workshop is a masterclass and  it will take you approx. 4 full days to make the griffin, this includes drying times etc. Making a griffin following the tutorial will approx. take the average time of 12 - 16 hrs of work, depending on individual skill and working speed.

4. the class is £89 and does not include the cost for the working materials needed to make a griffin

5. to book your place, please send me an email to with your details so i can send you the  form to sign up/book your class and the list of working materials you will still need to get before the class.

6. Upon full payment of the class, you will be added to my VIP group where you will have exclusive access to all video material that takes you through the process of making your griffin step by step.
Members of that specific group will have lifelong access to that group content unless they leave the group on their own or Facebook ceases to exist.

7. the Facebook group allows members at any stage of their crafting process to seek help/advice with their work in progress as i monitor the group on a daily base and will respond to any question asked.

I am looking forward to teaching this wonderful class so if you want to make a griffin , too, book your class now!

£89 only ( excluding working materials) ( drop me a message if you want to book!)

The griffin stands 25 - 30 " tall when finished and will weigh 2 - 2,5 kg!

They are an amazing decoration and very popular since Game of Thrones really!

Why book an online class?

You do not need to come to  a venue that might be too far away from your home, instead , you can work from the convenience of your own home, at your own speed and at any time that suits your timetable around work and other commitments!

Here`s a short video of some griffins i made  where you can admire them in all their beauty:

Thanks for dropping by today and have a nice day!
Looking forward to teaching this amazing griffin statue to all my students!

Bye for now