Monday 26 February 2018

Mini Quilt with freehand embroidery on textured, layered background

Hello everybody,

today i am very proud to show you my third mini quilt i made , and this is the finished work from the last of the three textile workshops i attended.
The workshop was about how to do the layered, textured background for the freehand embroidery, and i finished my project off by creating this mini quilted frame for my embroidery piece.

I am very interested in this art form, too and am looking into combining some of the techniques with paper craft techniques to create something really different.. so rest assured, i will come up with new stuff very shortly!

This quilt is 13" x 11" and makes a beautiful wall decoration or a small table runner, too.
The background for the embroidery was made using tiniest little scraps of fabrics in combination with bondaweb , silk strands, glitter, organza, wax crayons and many other textured materials, too.
Once the background was set, i started embroidering my flowers with different yarns, stitches and textures to create the floral scene.
I am quite pleased with my poppies field and hope you like my work , too.

This type of work seems to get a lot of interest from people in general so i will definitely be evolving further into this, more to come!

I hope you all stay safe and well with the upcoming frost and snow that is about to hit the UK, so good times to get crafting anyway!
Have a good evening and thanks for dropping by.
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Have a nice evening and stay safe!

Bye for now

JoJo xx