Friday 28 April 2017

And here´s the Tutorial for this one!

Hello everybody,

i have quickly made a second set and filmed it so you folks can see how this box has been put together.
Unfortunately, the very last few minutes my camera played up and did not record how i glued the last flap on, but i have re-recorded that part and explained it so you should all be able to get your box done.
Hope you are having fun copying the design as that is the reason why i have made a tutorial and gave all the measurements and a product list of the stash i used.
The idea of a tutorial is to inspire and encourage to copy the idea and sharing the information needed to do so is an invitation to exactly this.

So have a nice evening and happy crafting!
Thanks for dropping by

JoJo xx

The box measures 5" x 5" and is 1/2" deep.
The cards are 4 3/4" x 4 3/4"and i made the envelopes with the envelope punch board.
The card fronts aren´t decorated yet a i ran out of time but will be decorated tomorrow.
To make this box, i only used 2 pieces of emerald envy card stock,
one was 11" x 7" and the other one 5 1/2" x 5".
The scoring on the short side of the bigger card stock is 1/2" and 1" on both sides and at 5", 5 1/2" and 10 1/2" on the long side of the card stock. 
The smaller piece of card stock is scored at 1/2" on the longer side.

Product List