Saturday 23 April 2016

Paper project brag book

Hello dear friends,

i just recently created this little brag book for motivational purposes and goal setting purposes.
As you might know, i just recently signed up with stampin up ! and became an independent demonstrator for stampin up! , and am aiming to build my team and business.

So i thought it might be a good idea to help myself visualize my short and long term goals with this little brag book, as the right waterfall flaps will be holding pictures of my future team members, in the middle section i can write down the relevant goals and figures i need to reach for that, and the right waterfall flaps are going to hold my title achievments. 

I am currently a bronze demonstrator and aim to advance to bronze elite by the end of October this year. So once i have achieved my goal, i will add the date and the figures i met to achieve this together with a picture of myself on the relevant flap.

The last page of my brag book that reveals the tags in a pocket behind the metal key embellishment is for my keepsakes and memories of my fist On Stage ! Event, if i make it to one!

So as you can see, its not just a lovely little book to keep, it has a purpose and will be used and serves as a memory for the future, how it all began.

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Until then many thanks and loads of pink fairy glitter!

JoJo xx